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The « Professional area La Toulousaine” website and all it components are the property of la Toulousaine
Address : FTFM La Toulousaine - ZA Les Bogues - Route de Toulouse - 31 ESCALQUENS FRANCE
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Registered at Toulouse Chamber of Commerce under the number RCS TLSE 302 117 775
Publication director : Didier SIMON

Commitment (taken by the website)

This website content respects the applicable law, including :
The law on freedom of the press, so that no text, image or sound of a defamatory, racist or revisionist nature will be published online;
In accordance with Article 227-24 of the French Code of Criminal Law relating to the protection of minors, no message of a violent or pornographic nature or seriously offending human dignity which could be seen or received by a minor will be posted online;
No reproduction of a protected work or a branded item will be posted online without the agreement of its author, its rights owners or its owner.
In accordance with the LCEN Act of 22 June 2004, a right of reply is available to any person named or designated on the site. The request shall be made to the publication manager within three months at the latest from the public availability of the announcement justifying said request. This reply will be posted free of charge within three days of receiving the request, but may in no case exceed two hundred lines.

French « Informatique, Fichiers et Libertés » legislation (protection of personal data)

The site users are required to comply with the provisions of the French "Informatique, Fichiers et Libertés" legislation for personal privacy protection, any breach of which may be punished as a criminal offence. They shall, in particular, regarding the personal information to which they have access, abstain from any data collection, fraudulent use and, in general, any act that could harm people's private lives or reputations.

Limitation of liability

La Toulousaine may not be held liable for any direct and/or indirect damage resulting from the use made by the customer of the site and/or any information contained therein.
The website may direct the user to other websites via hypertext links. These links have been inserted in the professional area la Toulousaine website with the authorisation of the owners of the linked sites. La Toulousaine may in no case be held liable for the content of such sites, for which their owners bear full liability.
There are some dangers inherent in the use of Internet, and the user is warned of the need to allow for the potential risks (any infection by computer virus, any bug, any slowdown, etc.) before browsing through

Hosting service

The company Agoravita, 1 rue Paul Mesplé 31100 Toulouse (France), listed in the Toulouse trade register under the number 424 097 525, hosts the website.

Right to access, modify, correct and delete your personal data

Users have the right to access, modify, correct and delete their personal data in accordance with Articles 39 and 40 of the Act of 6 January 1978 as amended by the Act of 6 August 2004. To exercise this right, you can contact La Toulousaine directly by e-mail or by letter addressed to the Company FTFM La Toulousaine - ZA Les Bogues - Route de Toulouse - 31 ESCALQUENS FRANCE. Please, specify : Personal Data management department.

Messages sent over the Internet can be intercepted. Do not disclose sensitive personal information. If you want to provide us with confidential information, we advise you to use the postal service.

Intellectual property - Copyright

The content of this site is covered by French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.

La Toulousaine retains all the property and moral rights related to the documents on this site, subject to the rights owned by the authors of works published on this site. Accordingly, all rights of reproduction, on electronic media and on paper, are reserved, including for downloadable documents and iconographic and/or photographic representations.

Visitors to the website agree not to collect, capture, deform or use the information to which they have access.

La Toulousaine will take legal proceedings against any attempted fraudulent use of the documents on the site.

Declaration to the CNIL (French Concil for Internet Privacy Protection)

In accordance with the Act of 6 January 1978 as amended by the "Informatique, Fichiers et Libertés" Act of 6 August 2004 for personal privacy protection, and its implementing decree of 17 July 1978 and Article 43 of the Act of 30 September 1986 as amended, the site has been declared to the "Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés" (CNIL). CNIL is the French Council for Protection of Personal Data.

The personal data collected is designed to provide the user with the products and services offered by this site and will not be used for purposes not provided for in the present legal notices. Accordingly, all the replies requested are strictly necessary for the supply of the product or service in question. In the event of an incomplete reply or the lack of a reply, the user may possibly not be provided with the requested product or service. E-mails and personal data sent to La Toulousaine are stored for a maximum period of three years.

Non-sale of the customer file

La Toulousaine is the sole recipient of the personal data and will not sell its customer file.


For any information, contact us. Thanking you for your interest in our site, we wish you enjoyable browsing.