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Quotation: roll-up garage door

Caution: selected options might be incompatible.
Thanks to throughly read through the quotation that you will receive in order to check the suitability of the latter with your request.

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Integrated option
Detailed add-ons
Wired digipad
Radio digipad
Surface mounted key box
Flush mounted key box
Radio button switch Box
Wired button switch box


Option integrated
Detailed add-ons
Aeration Slat (bottom part)
3 portholes slats (1700mm above ground)

Emergency manoeuvre access kit with wall crossing
(only in case of on wall installation)

Access Kit to the emergency manoeuvre from the outside on the front of the shaft box with key lock
(only in case of installation with external winding)

Secure head screw kit (for external winding)

Flashing light

Low cell Set


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