You are not a building professional? Your dedicated space

La Toulousaine offers 300€* to your customers

Download the media kit below to promote this offer on your website, your social networks or in your point of sale

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Important : You need to share the following URL for your customers to sign up for the offer during the period: https: //

Reminder of the terms and conditions of the offer for individuals

1/ Fill out this form before 14/05/2023.

2/ Accept the professional's quote during the Promotional Period from 17/04/2023 to 14/05/2023.

3/ Have the Creativ gate or fence installed by a professional before 30/09/2023.

4/ Put together your file containing the following supporting documents:

  • The estimate accepted during the Promotion Period from 17/04/2023 to 14/05/2023.
  • The invoice from the professional (supplied/installed) dated between 17/04/2023 and 30/09/2023.
  • The EC identification number of the Creativ gate or fencing
  • Your postal address and your e-mail address for sending you the refund

5/ Send your complete file by e-mail to or in an envelope with sufficient postage at your expense before 10/10/2023 (date as postmark) to the following address

Route de Toulouse CS 57668 Escalquens
31676 Labège Cedex - FRANCE

6/ You will receive 300€ in gift vouchers within approximately 8 weeks upon receipt of your application.

*Offer reserved for private individuals, within the framework of one product per household, for a minimum order amount of 3000€ TTC. Within the limit of 500 entries. The offer cannot be combined with an additional discount. The private individual will receive €300 (including tax) in gift vouchers for the purchase of a CREATIV La Toulousaine motorized swing gate or fence.