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La Toulousaine Training Center

Since January 2018, la Toulousaine has its own approved training center and offers to train your technical and sales teams in its products. qualiopi certified training center since March 25, 2022.

A training focused on practice where trainees ensure the assembly, connection and disassembly of products.

Our training modules

Aluminium gates

Garage doors

Metal grilles and curtains

Industrial sectional doors

The terms and conditions

  • The training lasts 16 hours
  • The proposed dates will be on weekdays over 2 continuous days
  • a maximum of 4 people will be accepted per course
  • Training eligible for your company's training plan
  • The cost of the training for 2 days is 1000 € HT/person
  • Premises equipped with garage doors, gates, metal grilles and curtains, sectional doors for industry, assembled for this purpose
  • Workshop location for practice, room for theory
  • A certificate of achievement will be issued to you
  • Know how to install, remove, reinstall and repair doors
  • Know how to recognize the types of errors in order to troubleshoot them
  • To know the handling of a maintenance contract
  • Electrical wiring
  • Rules of procedure

Our clients speak about it

Charlotte, from Miroiterie Lebourg, shares her experience

Recipient satisfaction rating
Rating 4.9/5
Number of people trained


To register

Download the professional training agreement, to be returned to us completed and signed by email

For more information

Contact us on and download the complete booklet

Addresses and contact information

Headquarters and meeting place
La Toulousaine Route de Toulouse - ZA les Bogues 31750 ESCALQUENS

Training location
Training Center 250 avenue du canal du midi - ZA de La Masquère 31750 ESCALQUENS

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