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La Toulousaine has selected Chrysalide Formations to accompany your growth

A major player in the world of closures

For more than 20 years, they have been operating in the field of corporate training. Most of their clients have chosen them by recommendation from another company. With a good knowledge of La Toulousaine's products, their training courses link sales and management methods to the specificities of the closure industry.

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Chrysalide Formations, the ally of your development

Can be financed up to 100%
thanks to their Qualiopi certification

Expertise in the world of closures
for 20 years

Training courses
throughout France

The training program

Sell more and better

Our company's flagship training, companies that face mounted our methods increase their conversion rate by more than 10%. in this program, we will work on :

  • Facilitating contact and avoiding behavioral errors
  • Taking intoaccount the human factor, convincing by knowing the prospect's buying sensitivity
  • Dealing with the most recurrent objections with professionalism
  • The 5 golden rules to present and defend your price
  • Sales techniques to make the Accord natural
I want to sell more and better

Technician ambassadors of the company

Technicians contribute very strongly to the company's brand image as soon as their relational performance is as successful as their technical intervention.

Technicians trained to communicate well and positively is a great asset for customer loyalty. Our training helps them interact with the right words.

In this program, we will work on :

  • Building customer loyalty through the quality of the relationship
  • Recovering the end-of-job settlement
  • Identifying new projects
I want to become a technical ambassador for the company