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The industrialist who puts products on the market pays an ecocontribution to an eco-organization which commits itself to organize and operate a building waste recovery, sorting and valorization network. Your place is essential in the chain of waste recovery and your role consists in evacuating them in a waste disposal center. It is then that will do what is necessary for the products to be dismantled, sorted and recovered. As far as we are concerned, this eco-contribution will be used to process the dismantled products (curtains, metal grilles, sectional doors, gates and balustrades). This is called EPR: Extended Producer Responsibility. The amount of this eco-contribution must be displayed on the manufacturer's invoices, and it will also appear on the installers' invoices from May1, 2023.

Discover the WEEE and PCMB rates

You have 2 solutions:

  1. Via the configurator
    • Quote and place your "supplier order" simply and quickly
    • p3
  2. Via our dedicated services
    1. The quote is sent to you by email
    2. Return the quote stamped and signed
    3. An acknowledgement of receipt of order (ARC) is sent
    4. The manufacturing process is launched immediately - no more modifications are possible (except if a 24 or 48 hour delay is requested).
      Be careful if you do not want to be delivered too early: specify the desired delivery week.
      Appointments are made by email and SMS. Don't forget to give us the contact details of the person in charge of the reception.

The small + : Short delays in average for curtains 4 days, sectio 4 days, gate and balustrades 4 weeks (depending on options)

Standard delivery "city truck" with on-board cart


  • 2,50ml width, 13ml length and 4,20ml height - 27 Tons
  • PREVA process (appointment by sms and email)
  • Gates delivered on truck without truck equipped with adapted protections
  • Price
    • Unit price (free of charge)

Chartering ("Affret") semi-trailer without cart

  • 2,50ml width, 16,50ml length and 4,20ml height - 38Tons
  • We go from standard to a charter for
    • products exceeding 7ml
    • large volumes (+ 6 curtains or + 6 sectionals)
    • insulated curtains height over 3600 mm
    • balustrades
    • deliveries on site with a date and time imposed (subject to agreement)
  • Price
    • Free: for large volumes (10 mono packages or more than 7ml)
    • Delivery on site: according to departmental grid, between 350 € and 950 €.

The number of packages determines the mode of transport.

Carrier without cart

  • For difficult access
  • 2,50 ml width
  • 12ml length
  • 4,20ml height
  • 19T
  • Price : + 75€ HT

Truck VL without cart

  • Width 2 m because some have a wheel arch
  • Height 2,10m
  • Weight limited to 800 kg of load
  • 3,5T
  • Without tailgate
  • Price : + 350€ HT

Modification of delivery address : 40 € HT
Delivery notice (2nd delivery) : 125 € HT
Storage costs per week : 100 € HT from the 5th week
Delivery with a 19T carrier instead of a semi-trailer (max 8000 mm) : 75 € HT
Delivery in Light Vehicle 3.5T (max length 3000 mm) : 350 € HT
Delivery at fixed day only in SHIPPING : Grid below according to the department



When you enter the configurator for the first time:

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  • Wait for the robot to send you a password
  • Enter the password
  • You enter the configurator

The little plus : Encrypt and order in complete autonomy

We find :

  • The price calculated by the configurator takes into account your discounts
  • A visualization of the sized products (click on the camera at the top center of the page)
  • A customization space with your logo
  • A use 24/24h, 7/7d
  • Your quote is easily transformed into a supplier order
  • Access to the configurator

You can order your spare parts directly from our website

  • Click on the "spare parts" tab
  • Select the product or type the product name in the search bar next to the magnifying glass
  • Let us guide you

We regularly put in place batch sales promotions to allow you to sell at reduced prices and good deals on complete products only online!

The Little Extra: Order our spare parts 24/7 in complete autonomy

You have access to all our documentation (commercial catalogs, technical catalogs, installation instructions, user and maintenance manuals, guarantees and certifications).

According to your research, please click on the link concerning your product:

The little + : Alliance of aesthetics and security

  • Log in to your pro space with your email address
  • In the menu on your left, click on the "Eshop" button and then Request for documentation
  • Choose the type of brochure and the number
  • Send

You will find the certificates and guarantees in the tab "our products". Click on the links concerning your product:

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process for architecture, engineering and construction professionals. It provides the information and tools needed to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently.

Your draftsmen will be able to quickly integrate these BIM files into their CAD.
Several types of file formats: ifc, aof, dxf, obj, png, dwg,.

You can find them in the banner of the website or click here

The little plus : 16 formats available

Gate demonstration case

  • AngleRAL Futura blue 2700 sanded
  • samplesRAL Structura 1015 Ivory
  • 1 display rack in the outside pocket
  • See the product

Model of 3 balustrades modules

  • 1 cable and opal filling module
  • 1 module with opal glass under intermediate smooth
  • 1 module 2 smooths with sheet metal stamped squares
  • RAL 7031
  • See the product (1st equipment)
  • See the product (renewal)

Design curtain model

  • Black lacquered model mix vision
  • Motorized, ready to plug in
  • Width 1200 x height 2150mm
  • See the product

Model 4 design wicket doors

  • Wicket door AurignyRAL Futura Yazd 2525
  • Wicket door MiamiRAL Futura Red 2200
  • Wicket door Damier bi color FrameRAL 7016 and Sheet metal Damier RAL 7031
  • Wicket door ArgelèsRAL Futura Blue Sanded 2700
  • See the product (1st equipment)
  • See the product (renewal)

Garage door color chart

Gates color chart

The little extra: Thanks to the associated challenges, get equipped for free!

La Toulousaine offers 5 training modules:

  • Aluminium gates
  • Sectional gates Habitat
  • Metal grilles and roller shutters
  • Industrial sectional doors
  • Maintenance

More information on the training courses: click here

The little extra: Training courses paid for by the OPCOs


Roller shutters/garage doors
  • For your estimates :
  • For your orders : see details according to the sectors or at the foot of our estimates

Gates and fencing
  • Quotes and orders :

  • Quotes and orders:

  • Manufacturing time : see details according to the sectors or in feet of our estimates
  • Delivery time :
  • Accounting :

Gates and fencing to compose

The identification number is found on the CE label.
It's a 7-digit number starting with the year of manufacture.

Sliding gate: the label is located at the bottom of the gate, inside view
Swing gate: the label is on the master leaf, bottom, inside view

No, you cannot change the direction of a sliding gate. A new gate construction will be necessary.

Garage doors

The identification number is found on the CE label.
It's a 7-digit number starting with the year of manufacture.

The label is located on the bottom panel, inside the door.

To program my remote control:

  1. Press the button on the receiver once so that the red LED on channel 1 lights up.
  2. Press continuously the button of the transmitter you wish to use: the red LED flashes and then goes out.
  3. Release the transmitter button: coding is complete.

⚠ Do not confuse the receiver button with the force reset button.

Please refer to the tutorial Sommer engine - SOMMER receiver settings

  1. Check that the motor track is clean. Disengage your door and wipe the track with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  2. If the problem persists, check that the high and low limit relays on the motor carriage are working properly.
  3. If the problem persists, contact our technical assistance department.

Roller shutters and metal grilles

The identification number can be found on the CE label.
It's a 7-digit number starting with the year of manufacture.

The label is located on the final Slat, inside the curtain or grille.

Check the points listed on the diagnostic sheet n°1000

Downloadable in free access on the pro area of our website: Roller shutters and metal grilles manuals

If the problem persists. Contact our technical assistance department with this completed diagnostic sheet. This information will allow us to take better care of your request.

Error C9 corresponds to an emergency stop that has been activated. Please check that the individual components connected to terminals 14 and 17 are functioning correctly.

Please refer to the tutorial: Centris veoHz - Installation and Settings

Please consult the tutorial murax villa 2-Up to 4K

Industrial sectional doors

The identification number is found on the CE label.
It's a 7-digit number starting with the year of manufacture.

The label is located onthe bottom panel, inside the door.

Please see the Intellidrive 400-Up to 4Ktutorial

Retract the cable of the emergency maneuver and check the length of the spring which must be between 90 and 95 mm. See diagram above (extract from the installation manual n°7132 - page 6)

Swap the wires on terminals 10 and 11

If necessary, refer to manual N°7132

Yes, but this will require several adaptations (change of compensation rails, cables and accessories). Contact ourquotation department for a detailed study.

Note: Any modification of the product will void the current warranty.

Have the leaflet N°7132 at hand

Check the following points:

  1. The electrical cable between the control box and the motor unit must be correctly connected
  2. The door must operate correctly manually (no hard points)
  3. Do a self-learning

If necessary, consult the manual

If the problem persists, contact our technical support service.

Check the following:

  1. White encoder connector correctly plugged in
    Refer to manual N°7132
  2. Wiring in good condition, check the continuity of the yellow, blue and grey wires

Once checks 1 and 2 have been carried out and if the problem persists, it can be concluded that the encoder is faulty. The recommended solution is to replace the motor block.